Student Testimonials

Placement Preparation

Akriti Vats, ABESEC

It was an amazing and memorable experience that I gained while studying with Success GATEway. May be it was just a month training specially for placement drives at college, which included mainly the basic concepts of C, OS, DAA, DS, DBMS, Puzzle solving. They also arranged face to face interview sessions with IITians and several other from IT sector for all of us which was overall a great experience being a fresher. Even they keeps on clarifying your doubts time to time, be it any. The best thing about this coaching is that you will always feel motivated, focus will be towards your aim and they will make you the most confident aspirant for any competition. The secret of it's success are the faculties, they are among the best teachers. Even the modules of success GATEway are very informative as there is lot to practice and you get the understanding of practical knowledge. I really feel satisfied with my decision that I chose to join this coaching at that time because everything was covered as required for a placement in such a small span of time with great accuracy. I got placed in the very first company that came to my college campus- TATA Consultancy Services. And many of my friends who were students of this coaching got placed in good IT companies and also, few cleared GATE exam with good ranks and are doing great in their lives. And even in present whenever we need suggestions for our career, they are for sure the best ones to concern.They always listen to your queries and try to give the best solution possible. Thank you Success GATEway for a wonderful learning experience. I really appreciate all the efforts and will always need your blessings and support in my life.

Atishay Jain, IPEC

It was a wonderful experience studying with Success GATEway. I enrolled for a 6 weeks training module to get prepared for upcoming Placement Drives in college, which included the study of C, OS, DAA, DBMS along with puzzle-solving, HR Questions, and valuable insights about how to handle interviews & GD rounds. The practise modules and notes which were provided to us were concise and very informative. Sachin Sir & Vinod Sir have their own unique style of teaching which keeps a student attentive & curious throughout the lecture, without feeling boredom at any point. They always listen to your queries & provide with the best solution possible, and are always happy to help you with any problem/situation beyond academics. I am indebted to Success GATEway for such an amazing learning experience, and to help me grab good placement offers. Thank You! Success GATEway.

Kapil Chauhan, ABESEC

My name is kapil chauhan and I am placed in gemini solutions at 6 Lpa and I believe that to get a good placement , all you need is to be smart smart enough to build logics for program, solve aptitude problems Crack puzzles And this place covers it all It will make you capable to build logics And make good practice over aptitude and covers all kind of puzzles.

Siddharth, ABESEC

Very Caring faculty, they will not only teach that how to crack the exam but how to live your life. How to face each and every difficult situations at different phases of life. #never settle #keep calm #keep on moving #cheers

Shivam Bansal, ABESEC

I joined success gateway when I was very confused how to start preparing for placements.. did not know which subject to choose first and from where to start. Then I found success gateway and it was like, solved my problem very easily and the pattern that they are following is very much appreciated. Covered every subject whatever related to placement and strated from the scratch. I got a platform and whatever they taught if anyone listen carefully then he/she will crack any placement exam for sure. After completion of my batch, my confidence for those subject was like whatever interviewer will ask, I will give answer. I must say that without any hesitation, if you want to gain confidence and learn, then joined success gateway. I am damn sure that it will be worth for you and at last you will say "Paisa wasool"

Shivam Aggrawal, ABESEC

At first I was confused that should I take coaching for placements or not but then I thought to give it a try. Coaching has helped me much motivation. I remember when sir said that there are many students who are having more than one offer. Who knows that I will also be one of them‬‬.

Swarnima Gupta, ABESEC

Success gateway is in itself an institute that prepares you for the campus drives. It boosts your confidence by empowering you with right knowledge. With its extraordinary tutors Vinod and Sachin, who are always willing to walk an extra mile with you, Success gateway becomes even more appealing. Highly recommended for fresh youth who have talent and are seeking for direction.

Reema Bhushan, RDEC

Hey, I am Reema Bhushan RDEC, working in NIIT technologies Pvt ltd. I have attended regular classroom course at Success GATEway Engineers Academy. I would thank faculties of Success GATEway. Their teaching techniques are quite different. They are masters of their subjects and focus on making concepts crystal clear. Also they focus on each and every student. The class notes and study material provided is very effective for preparation. The environment in the academy is very positive, friendly and easily adjustable.Test series is very helpful for rectifying our mistakes and scoring good marks in Gate and other PSUs.They also g8vr classes for placement which are really so much effective.I'll always suggest aspirants to join Success GATEway Engineer's Academy and make their future bright.

Vartika, SNU

Success GATEway was recommended to me by a senior, who scored under 30 AIR in GATE. Both the teachers have their unique way of teaching, which makes classes interesting and also questions of all types are encouraged at all times. The best thing is that both the teachers make themselves available at odd hours too if it comes to solving our doubts. The tests conducted have questions that really challenge our concepts thus making us better prerpared, also their solutions are thoroughly discussed. GATE preparation helped me in my interviews a lot.

Medha Pandey, RDEC

With a very limited technical knowledge I joined Success GATEway Engineers Academy. This coaching centre is an ocean of knowledge. The faculties "Sachin sir and Vinod sir" guarantee to make any student fall in love with studies. Under their amazing mentorship I gradually started becoming technically sound. Their immense hard work always motivated me. They mainly focus on conceptual building rather than making students mugging up things.Their constant habit of taking tests improved me alot in each subjects. I owe them my success and it is because of them that I am placed in NIIT Technologies Limited.

Rohit Raj, RDEC

Succes Gateway provided me the platform to explore my technical knowledge of the subject in broad perspective. This is not only a coaching institute but a place where one can enjoy learning together as vinod and sachin sir always be there even in times when one goes through his low times and loose hope. Both the teachers were like a good friend with whom I can share my thoughts and opinion and always gave the inspiration and be enthusiastic.

Abhishek Gupta, KNGD

I am glad that I got a chance to taught by two most intelligent teacher Vinod Sir and Sachin Sir. We got help in every manner from Success Gateway. They also help Students emotionally. Success Gateway content and study material and very good. We got chances to clear our doubts whenever required.

Deepa Dubey, RDEC

Success Gateway is an Organisation dedicated to hard work, innovation in education with two strong outstanding Teachers Vinod Sir n Sachin Sir who always stand by their students leading them to the right Path of education and Career

Charitra Sharma, VIET

Vinod and Sachin sir are amazing teachers. The way they give their lessons are unique. Students in Success Gateway never feel distracted due to continuous motivation and positive energy in academy. Their classes are attractive, engaging, and enjoyable. I believe that the right kind of guidance is the most important aspect of anyone's preparation and I am happy to say that I received the best of both academic and personal guidance from the wonderful faculty at Success Gateway.

Rajat jain, ABESEC

Success Gateway... Vinod Sir & Sachin Sir truly justifies the name! They truly enlighten our path towards Success! Learning experience is Awesome! I can say that I owe my First Placement in TCS to both of them! Thanks a lot.. Please keep filling Colours in the Journey towards Success of your Students!


Arpan Mangal, SNU (AIR-29 in GATE-CS 2017)

Your way of studying and confidence are two key factors to crack any examination. And this is what unique about SG. Rather than just completing the syllabus, Both the faculties cum owner are more interested in changing our way of study. They use to teach us every concept in so much depth, that we can handle any twist and turn. This is what necessary to build confidence. SG maintains very friendly environment in the coaching, students helping each other. Both the faculties are available after the classroom for discussion and moral support.

Upasana Singh, ABESEC

I got AIR 166 in GATE 2018 and have been selected in IIT Kanpur. Success Gateway has provided me the right platform where there is no boundation for learning and asking your doubts anytime you want. Apart from the preparation whenever I felt demotivated our teachers were always there to help out all the time. They conduct a lot of tests so that you can assess yourself and plan your strategies according to that. I owe my success to my teachers at Success Gateway, my parents and my friends.

Anuj Jain, IPEC (GATE Rank - 275)

One of the best decisions of my life was to join Success GATEway. According to me Success GATEway has perfect balance of relevant teaching and upskill. To me one the best thing about this coaching is its student friendly and motivating environment. And lastly what makes Success GATEway standout is that it is run by 2 teachers who are not greedy about money and genuinely wants betterment of each and every student.

Vishal Chourasia, ABESEC

Hello Everyone, I am Vishal Chourasia, ABESEC , GATE Rank 428, got selected for M.Tech CSE from IIT Kanpur. Yes...I still believe joining SuccessGateway was the best decision i made in regards for my preparation to crack GATE, Frankly speaking content taught here is TOP-CLASS, you wont have to study anything else, Vinod Sir and Sachin Sir will give their best to help you understand the concept of the topics, they wont give up on you, and will constantly motivate you to get back on track if one gets distracted. SuccessGateway is the full package...and believe me on this i have been there.

Aman Gupta, RKGEC (pursuing M.Tech. from IIIT Allahabad)

I had no idea about GATE. They gave me career guidance beyond a service based company, their teaching techniques helped me to upgrade my skills. It is worth investing time, money, and energy in Success Gateway Engineers Academy. I had no knowledge about subjects as I was 60% marks scoring student. The teachers there are friendly. If you miss any classes, you can ask for backup sessions if needed. Significantly, the institute is outstanding, they make me challenging at every point. Thank you Vinod Sir and Sachin Sir for your belief and support.

Umang Srivastava, ABESEC

Hello, This is Umang Srivastava ABESEC. I am currently working in CRIS, An Organisation under Ministry of Railways. I got AIR 529 GATE score 727 in 2017. Being a mediocre student with 63% in B.Tech, the stage at which I am at present, credit goes solely to Success Gateway Engineers Academy. They helped me to inculcate mental and technical strength through which all this is became reality. They teach in fluid and easily understandable manner which helped in understanding even intricate concepts with ease. Attending classes was much like a joyful session which later became rigorous but yet I was able to do fine. They teach the foundations so well that complex concepts does not feel difficult at all. They stood with me in my bad phases and helped me regain confidence if I scored badly. I am pretty sure that anyone who join Success Gateway will take away a lot of positives with themselves. For GATE preparation I must say these mentors are perfectly suited.