Online Test series for GATE CSE-2020 (CS/IT)

Why Test series?

  • Generally students have mindset of keep delaying the things unless there is a finish time line.
  • Test series will help you to create a proper schedule to finish complete syllabus within time.
  • You can judge your performance by marks & rank and accordingly plan for your weaknesses.
  • There are many ways to solve a question; you can get multiple solutions/ tricks for a question.
  • Test series will help you to make final strategy for GATE/PSU exam
    • How to manage time
    • How to handle exam pressure
    • How to attempt questions

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Test Series schedule

For Download: GATE CS/IT 2020 Test Series Schedule

Subject Syllabus Date
CD Part-1 Lexical analysis, Syntax analysis and Semantic Analysis. 5/6/2019
CN Part-1 Basics, Data link layer, Network layer. 10/6/2019
CD Part-2 Syntax analysis, Syntax directed translation, ICG and Run time environment. 14/6/2019
CN Part-2 Routing algorithms, TCP, UDP, Application layer and Network security. 19/6/2019
CD Full length (Basic) Complete Syllabus. 24/6/2019
CN Full length (Basic) Complete Syllabus. 1/7/2019
CD Full Length(Advanced) Complete syllabus 5/7/2019
C-Programming Part-1 Basics, Macro, Storage classes, control structure, functions. 9/7/2019
Algorithms Part-1 Complexity (Time and Space), Sortings, Searching and DAC. 12/7/2019
CN Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 17/7/2019
Algorithms Part-2 Complexity (Time and Space), Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming. 22/7/2019
C-Programming Part-2 Pointers, Arrays, Strings, Structures and Union, Bitwise operators and Miscellaneous. 25/7/2019
DS Part-1 Arrays, Stack, Queues and Linked lists. 29/7/2019
OS Part-1 Basics, Process, Thread, Scheduling algorithms, IPC and Synchronization mechanism, Concurrent programming. 2/8/2019
Algorithms Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 5/8/2019
C-Programming Full length(Basic) Complete Syllabus. 9/8/2019
Aptitude + English Complete GATE Syllabus. 11/8/2019
DS Part-2 Trees, Hashing and Graph algorithms. 13/8/2019
OS Part-2 Deadlock, Memory management, Disk and File Management. 16/8/2019
DS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 19/8/2019
OS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 23/8/2019
Aptitude + English Complete GATE Syllabus. 25/8/2019
Algorithms Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 27/8/2019
DLD Part-1 Boolean laws, K-Map, Combinational circuits. 30/8/2019
DBMS Part-1 Basics, E-R diagram, Relational algebra, Relational Calculus, Normalization. 3/9/2019
DLD Part-2 Sequential circuits, Shift registers, Sequence detectors and Miscellaneous 6/9/2019
DBMS Part-2 SQL, Transactions, Concurrency Control Protocols, Indexing. 9/9/2019
C-Programming Full length(Advanced) Complete Syllabus. 13/9/2019
DS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 16/9/2019
OS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 20/9/2019
DBMS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 23/9/2019
DLD Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 27/9/2019
Mixed Test - 1 Complete syllabus- DS, DAA 1/10/2019
Mathematics Part-1 Graph theory, Sets, Relations, Groups, Functions, Proposition and Predicate logic 4/10/2019
DBMS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 9/10/2019
DLD Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 14/10/2019
Mixed Test - 2 Complete syllabus- CD, DBMS 18/10/2019
Mathematics Part-2 Combinatorics, Probability and Distributions, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Recurrence relation   21/10/2019
TOC Part-1 Finite automata, Push down automata 25/10/2019
Mathematics Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 31/10/2019
TOC Part-2 LBA, Turing Machine, Decidability 4/11/2019
Mixed Test - 3 Complete syllabus- C, OS 8/11/2019
TOC Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 11/11/2019
Mixed Test - 4 Complete syllabus- CN, DLD 15/11/2019
TOC Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 19/11/2019
Mathematics Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 22/11/2019
Mixed Test - 5 Complete syllabus- C, DS, DAA 26/11/2019
CO Part-1 Basic number system, floating point number representation, RCA, CLA, Memory Organization 29/11/2019
CO Part-2 Instructions, Addressing Modes, Assembly code tracing, Instruction pipelining, Control Unit, I/O   2/12/2019
Mixed Test - 6 Complete syllabus- OS, DBMS, DAA 5/12/2019
CO Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 8/12/2019
Mixed Test - 7 Complete syllabus- CN, CD, TOC 11/12/2019
CO Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 14/12/2019
Mixed Test - 8 Complete syllabus- TOC, CO 18/12/2019
Mixed Test - 9 Complete syllabus- Mathematics, CO 22/12/2019
Semi Mock GATE-1 Complete syllabus- C, DS, DAA, OS, DBMS, DLD 27/12/2019
Semi Mock GATE-2 Complete syllabus- CN,CD, TOC, CO, Mathematics 1/1/2020
Mock GATE-1 Complete GATE syllabus 4/1/2020
Mock GATE-2 Complete GATE syllabus 7/1/2020
Mock GATE-3 Complete GATE syllabus 10/1/2020
Mock GATE-4 Complete GATE syllabus 13/1/2020
Mock GATE-5 Complete GATE syllabus 16/1/2020
Mock GATE-6 Complete GATE syllabus 19/1/2020
Mock GATE-7 Complete GATE syllabus 22/1/2020
Mock GATE-8 Complete GATE syllabus 25/1/2020

NOTE: In Mixed Test, Semi Mock GATE and Mock GATE papers there will a separate Aptitude and English section.