Online Courses FAQs

  1. How long will it take to get the access after the payment?
    Student request for approval of the course will be approved within 24 hrs from the time we receive an email regarding Payment.
  2. Are demo lectures available?
    YES, some lectures are free in each course.
  3. Is there any discussion forum?
    YES, We have a closed Facebook group for discussion.
  4. Can we E-mail our queries?
    YES, You can mail to respective faculty.
  5. What if I face any technical difficulty?
    In case you face any problem, you can email us directly to the specified email id.
  6. Is every lecture taught by Vinod Yadav or Sachin Shah?
    YES, In all courses each lecture will be taught by Vinod Yadav or Sachin Shah.
  7. Is there any time bound for watching the videos?
    NO, you can watch the videos anytime, anywhere and on any machine.
  8. Can I get refund after payment?
    NO, please watch our free lectures in website before the payment because fee is not refundable or transferable.
  9. Access validity for the course?
    Please read course details since access validity varies for courses.
  10. Are the videos downloadable?
    NO, the videos are not downloadable. Sharing your access or trying to sell or distribute videos is a legally punishable offence.

GATE Course FAQs

  1. How to register for the course?
    You can register for the course online or offline, it is free. For offline registrations visit our office.
  2. Is every lecture taught by Vinod Yadav and Sachin Shah?
    YES, each lecture will be taught by Vinod Yadav or Sachin Shah only.
  3. Can I pay the fee in instalments?
    YES, In two instalments.
  4. Is there any discount in the fee?
    YES, there is flat discount of Rs 4000/- for meritorious students (B.Tech. with aggregate of atleast 75% or 7.5 CGPA).
  5. Will test series be provided?
    YES, an ON-LINE test series will be provided and it is free for registered students.
  6. I am 2nd year student can I join the class?
    YES, we have foundation batch for 2nd year students after 4th semester.
  7. Do you have an ON-LINE GATE course?
    NO, till now we have only offline GATE course.