Placement Preparation

Why placement preparation needed?

Generally it has seen that the students don’t know much about what IT- companies (either product based or service based companies) will ask while selecting a candidate. Now it is very tough for a student, what to prepare and how to prepare so that one can fulfil the companies requirements. There is wide range of computer science and engineering / Information technology from where the companies may ask the questions, service based companies majorly ask questions from your course or some technologies like C, C++, Java, etc. along with aptitude whereas product based companies mostly check your analytical ability through problem solving skills using data structures and algorithms, coding and puzzles, So students must be prepared before placement drives.

Course Information

In this course, we started from the basics of C-concepts, data structures and algorithms along with subjective knowledge of operating systems, database management system and also included oops concepts (C++), SQL, Core java and made the concepts very simple so that anyone with minimum or no prior knowledge also can understand and learn easily.

Targeting the product based companies this course covers algorithmic techniques for solving problems arising in the field of computer science having multiple solutions based on different time and space complexities, including the most efficient solution and there implementation using C-programming language for deeper understanding.

We also include quantitative aptitude frequently asked Interview puzzles and HR interview questions.

Course Details

  1. C-Programming Concepts

    • Basics(Scope and extent, scoping rules, declaration v/s definition)
    • Storage classes
    • Pre-processor(macro)
    • Data types, operators and precedence
    • Control structure
    • Functions
    • Basics of pointers
    • Array and strings
    • Pointer with array, strings and functions
    • Structures, union and bit field
    • Bitwise operators and its applications
    • Miscellaneous (enum, typedef, sizeof(), malloc(), calloc() etc.)
  2. Data Structures

    • Arrays (1-D, 2-D and 3-D )
    • Stack
    • Queue (linear queue and circular queue)
    • Linked Lists (Single Linked List, Doubly linked list, Circular linked list)
    • Trees (Tree Traversals, Tree Operations, Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree)
    • Hashing
    • Graph Traversal (BFS, DFS and its applications)
    • Miscellaneous
  3. Algorithms

    • Analysis (time and space complexity)
    • Sorting Techniques
    • Searching Techniques
    • Divide and Conquer
    • Greedy Algorithms
    • Dynamic Programming
  4. Problem solving using Data Structures and Algorithms

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  5. Quantitative Aptitude

    • Number Systems
    • Progressions
    • Ratio Proportions
    • Averages
    • Mixture and Allegations
    • Percentage
    • Profit and Loss
    • Interest
    • Time and Work
    • Pipe and Cistern
    • Time Speed and Distance
    • Problems on Ages
    • Logarithm
    • Permutations and Combinations
    • Probability
    • Algebra
    • Clocks
    • Calendar
  6. Operating Systems

    • Introduction
    • Process and threads
    • Process scheduling algorithms
    • IPC and synchronization mechanism
    • Deadlock and its handling strategies
    • Memory management
    • Disk and file management
  7. DBMS and SQL

    • Introduction
    • E-R modelling
    • Relational model
    • Relational algebra operations
    • Normalization
    • Transactions and Concurrency control
    • Indexing
    • SQL queries
  8. OOPs Concepts

    • Introduction
    • Abstraction
    • Encapsulation
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Overloading
  9. Core Java

    • Introduction
    • Object Oriented Concepts
    • Data Types and Operators
    • Interface, Abstract Class
    • String Manipulation
    • Arrays
    • Collection & Generics
    • I/O Operations
    • Exception Handling
    • Multithreading and Concurrency
  10. Interview Puzzles

    We cover approximately 40 frequently asked puzzles in Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 companies.

  11. HR Interview Questions

    In this section we guide you how to answer non technical questions or questions having diplomatic answers like your strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, why do you want to join our company etc.


  • Vinod Yadav (M.Tech.(SE), M.Tech.(CSE) IIT Guwahati)
  • Sachin Shah (M.Tech.(CSE) IIT Guwahati)


Name College Name Company Name
Kanshik SNU Oyo Rooms
Vartika SNU QA Info Tech
Chitranshi ABES EC Bhilwara Infotechnologies Limited (BIL),BRITISH TELECOM
Deepak Gupta ABES EC TCS
Deepika Sengar ABES EC CapitalVia
Deepika Singh ABES EC Infogain
Dhawal ABES EC Dayal Group
Divya Singh ABES EC Perfict Global Incorporation.
Ekta Maurya ABES EC CapitalVia
Gauravi ABES EC Capgemini
Himani ABES EC HCL Technologies
Himanshu Agarwal ABES EC Sopra Steria
Kapil Chauhan ABES EC Capgemini, Gemini Solutions Private Ltd.
Kratika Jain ABES EC TCS
Mayank Saxena ABES EC Sapientrazorfish
Nikita Jain ABES EC Photonplay Systems, Planetcast Media
Nishu mittal ABES EC VedicSoft Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Pankhuri Gupta ABES EC VedicSoft Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.
Pooja Manchnada ABES EC Capgemini, DXC Technology
Prishu Purva ABES EC Bhilwara Infotechnologies Limited (BIL)
Priya Mittal ABES EC HCL Technologies
priya verma ABES EC Bhilwara Infotechnologies Limited (BIL)
Priyanshi ABES EC Capgemini
Richa Verma ABES EC Dayal Group
Rishabh Pathak ABES EC TCS, Capgemini
Rshi Raje Khare ABES EC uCertify
Shaibhav ABES EC Sopra Steria, OgreLogic Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Shakti Sharma ABES EC TCS, Capgemini
Shivangi Bhardwaj ABES EC Sopra Steria, FISERV INDIA LTD.
Shreya Dwivedi ABES EC Grapecity, Newgen Software Technologies Ltd.
Simran Kushvaha ABES EC OgreLogic Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Enterprise solutions Inc.
Soniya Sharma ABES EC Sopra Steria, Polestar Solutions
Sunaina Srivastava ABES EC FISERV INDIA LTD., DXC Technology
Aaryan Verma IPEC Hestabit Technologies, PolyInfosoft Pvt.Ltd, Natrix Technology, NTT Data, Nucleus Software
Aashirwad IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Ajay Hind Yadav IPEC Great Developers
Anjali Bharanwal IPEC Algoworks
Ankur IPEC Toluna India
Anshika IPEC Nucleus Software
Anush Garg IPEC Infosys
Ashita IPEC Fonantrix
Atishay IPEC Expert Lancing, FISCA Global, Progressive Infotech Pvt. Ltd.
Harshit Vikram Singh IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Harshita IPEC Infogain
Himanshu IPEC Infosys
Jagriti IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Jasnidh IPEC Infosys
Manu Bhardwaj IPEC Infosys, DD Enterprises, CompuRx Infotech, InVidz LLC, DevsLane
Megha Shukla IPEC Sopra Steria
Neha Kumari IPEC Infogain, Hestabit Technologies
Piyush Gupta IPEC Infosys
Pranjal Maheshwari IPEC Infosys, Sopra steria
Ruhi Bhatnagar IPEC Infosys
Sheetal IPEC Infogain
Simran Gupta IPEC Infosys, Sopra steria
Vedant Nigam IPEC Infogain, Mobikassa Technologies, Hestabit Technologies
Yashasvi IPEC Fonantrix, Indus Vally Partens
Divya Bajaj IPEC Cavisson
Charu Patel IPEC Alight Solutions
Anoushka Sharma IPEC Alight Solutions
Priyanshi Tiwari IPEC Alight Solutions, Natrix Technology
Prajal Kalra IPEC NTT Data, DXC Technology
Suraj Gupta IPEC QA Info Tech
Aakriti Chauhan IPEC Cavission
Abhay Jain IPEC NIIT Technologies, MAQ Software
Abhinav Maurya IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Abhishek IPEC Toluna India
Abhishek Dubey IPEC Infosys, Deltecs Ifotech Pvt. Ltd.
Aditi Jain IPEC Alight Solutions
Akansha IPEC Nucleus Software
Aloukik omar IPEC Cavission, Click Labs
Animesh Basak IPEC QA Infotech
Anushree Bhardwaj IPEC Expert Lancing, Nucleus Software
Arjun IPEC QA Infotech
Ayush Gupta IPEC Infosys, SkilRock Technologies
Ayushi Jaiswal IPEC Amazon, Alight Solutions
Bhawna Yadav IPEC TechAhead Software
Cheshta dhamija IPEC Nucleus Software, NTT Data
Chirag Bisht IPEC Amazon, Indus Valley
Divya Srivastava IPEC Sopra Steria, Cavisson
Divyanshi Gupta IPEC Cavisson, Nucleus Software
Geetanjali Bhandari IPEC Nucleus Software
Hardik Sachdeva IPEC QA Infotech, Avis E Solutions
Jai Jagwani IPEC Sopra Steria, Amazon, Cavisson
Jai Kishan Raghav IPEC Netrix Technologies
Jatin Garg IPEC Cavisson, Nucleus Software
Jatin soni IPEC NTT Data, Toluna India
Kriti Bhatia IPEC Infosys
Kritika Gupta IPEC Infogain, Avis E Solutions
Manav gupta IPEC Infosys
Mohd Amir IPEC Nucleus Software
Mohit Chaurasia IPEC Cavisson
Mohit Kumar IPEC Avast Technologies
Narendra singh IPEC Infogain
Navneet Kumar IPEC Cavisson
Nidhi Rai IPEC Cavisson
Nishant Singh IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Nitish Raturi IPEC Infosys, QA Infotech
Piyush Sharma IPEC Sopera Steria, Amazon, Cavisson
Pragati Agarwal IPEC Hestabit Technologies
Pranav Jain IPEC Nucleus Software, Cavisson, Hestabit Technologies, TeraSol
Pranjal Gupta IPEC Amazon, Alight Solutions
Prashant Singh IPEC Nucleus Software
Prateek ahuja IPEC Sopra Steria
RASHI JAIN IPEC Sopra Steria, Amazon, Hestabit Technologies
Rishabh Kohli IPEC QA Infotech, Nucleus Software
Ritik Jain IPEC Infogain, Nucleus Software
Rohan Goel IPEC Amazon, Appinventiv Technologies
Rupali gupta IPEC HSBC Software
Rupali Gupta IPEC Nucleus Software
Saurav Anand IPEC Tech 4 planet
Shalu Choudhary IPEC Infogain
Shivangi Saxena IPEC Alight Solutions
Shivani gupta IPEC Alight Solutions, NTT Data
Shivani gupta IPEC NTT Data
Shradha jain IPEC Algoworks Technologies
Shreya Srivastava IPEC Appinventiv Technologies
Shubham bansal IPEC Sopra Steria, NIIT Technologies, Appinventiv Technologies
Shubhangi Jain IPEC Infosys
Shubhendra Ranjan IPEC Toluna India
Srishti Pandey IPEC Cavisson
Sudhanshu Pandey IPEC Amazon, Nucleus Software, Hestabit Technologies
Surbhi IPEC Indus Valley
Surbhi malik IPEC Sopra Steria
Swagatika Nayak IPEC Cavisson
Tanu Chaudhary IPEC Sopra Steria
Ujjwal sehgal IPEC Hectic Technologies, Alight Solutions
Ujjwal Tiwari IPEC Sopra Steria, Nucleus Software
Vaibhav Sharma IPEC Cavisson
Vidit Jain IPEC Amazon
Vipin IPEC Infogain
Yash Pal Sharma IPEC Infosys
Yash Srivastava IPEC Infosys
Yashasavi Mittal IPEC Hestabit Technologies, Infogain
Ayush Sharma IPEC Infosys, Nucleus Software
Apoorv jain IPEC Infogain
Shivani Nijhawan IPEC Hestabit Technologies, Infogain, Alight Solution
Vipin singh IPEC Cavisson
Name Branch College Name Company Name
Arpan Mangal CS SNU Dell India
Abhay Gupta CS SNU VNL
Shivam Goel CS ABES EC Drishti Soft, Capgemini
Taranpreet Bhatiya CS ABES EC Sopra Steria, NEC Technologies
Tripti Puri CS ABES EC TCS, PRIME Focus, Phronesis Partners
Sankalp Malhotra IT IPEC Infosys, Clicklabs, G4S
Pratyush Arya CS ABES EC Roofpik, Tech Mahindra
Dipti Agarwal CS ABES EC Daffodills, Polestar
Rashika Gupta IT ABES EC EXL Services, NGI Ventures
Shailja Dutt IT ABES EC TCS, Tech Mahindra
Deepanshu Gupta CS IPEC Sopra Steria
Vanshika Aggrwal CS IPEC Infosys
Abhay Singh CS IPEC Cavisson Software
Sanjay Pandey IT IPEC Infosys
Aman Bhardwaj IT IPEC Infosys
Anshul Bhatia IT IPEC CapitalVia
Rani Sugandha CS RDEC IBM
Anamika Kumari CS RDEC IBM
Satyam Dwivedi CS KNMIET Eninov Systems
Satyam Singh CS KNMIET R Systems
Rahul Sharma CS KNMIET R Systems
Shivam Sharma CS ABES EC IBM
Jatin Tyagi CS ABES EC Revolution Information Technology
Siddharth Surya CS ABES EC Revolution Information Technology
Amandeep Singh EC ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Vishal Tyagi CS ABES EC Nucleus Software
Samridhi Sinha IT ABES EC Nucleus Software
Karan Saxena CS ABES EC Sopra Steria
Paridhi Gupta CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Somya Keshari CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Rohit Verma IT ABES EC Exalatic Technologies
Ritesh Arora IT ABES EC Mobilloitte Technologies
Aditi jain CS ABES EC Polestar
Akash Mehrotra CS ABES EC Mobilloitte Technologies
Vinay Chaubey CS ABES EC Mobilloitte Technologies
Himanshu CS ABES EC Trident Information
Vaibhav Arora CS ABES EC Artech Infosystems
Durgesh Pal CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Upasana Singh CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Shriyansh Raj CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Shrishti CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Naveen Pandey IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Shubhangi Jain IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Shivam Agarwal IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Aditi Jain IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Mansi Singhal CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Suyesh Srivastava CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Sameeksha Jain CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Mehga Shukla CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Vaisakh Mohan IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Aishwarya Singh IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Sameer Sarogi IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Manvi Mishra CS ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Pratishtha Sharma IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Prachi Singhal IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Saurabh Sharma IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Nikita Thani IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Shaleen Srivastava IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Nimisha Singhal IT ABES EC Tech Mahindra
Priyanka Sharma CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Srishti Aggarwal CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Shwet CS ABES EC Infogain
Ashwani Kumar IT ABES EC Capgemini
Anshika Nigam IT ABES EC Capgemini
Ashutosh Goyal EC ABES EC Capgemini
Naveen Gupta CS ABES EC Capgemini
Aprajita Srivastava CS ABES EC Capgemini
Harshit Chandel CS ABES EC Capgemini
Vanshika Goel CS ABES EC Capgemini
Anamay Pandey CS ABES EC Capgemini
Harshan Rai CS ABES EC Capgemini
Nidhi Singh CS ABES EC Capgemini
Pragam Bharnagar CS ABES EC Capgemini
Rohit Agarwal CS ABES EC Capgemini
Vatsal Agarwal CS ABES EC Capgemini
Prerna Shukla CS ABES EC Capgemini
Aayushi Raizada CS ABES EC Capgemini
Tanvi Shahi CS ABES EC Fiserv
Renu CS ABES EC Fiserv
Priya Agrawal CS ABES EC Sopra Steria
Bhawna Singh CS ABES EC NEC Technologies

Approximatly 81.53% students (CS/IT/EC) are placed in various conpanies like ORACLE, Capgemini, TCS, Infosys, QA infotech, IBM, NIIT, Grofers, Infoedge, EBIZON, Fiserv, Collabra & Convergys, Academia Guru, EBIX Inc. etc.

Name Branch College Name Company Name
Shivam Bansal CS ABES EC Capgemini
Naina Gupta CS ABES EC TCS
Natya Gupta CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Swarnima Gupta CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Parul Tiwari IT KIET TCS
Meenakshi Sharma CS IDEAL TCS
Monika Shrivastava CS VIET TCS
Himanshu Garg CS KIET TCS
Durgesh Kumar CS SRM TCS, Wipro
Sakshi Singh EC ABES EC TCS
Uphar Darbari EC ABES EC TCS
Kanchit Kumar EC ABES EC ETeam
Preshant Shukla EC ABES EC Polestar
Saurabh Goswami EC ABES EC Wipro
Raj Kumar Dubey EC ABES EC TCS
Vaibhav Singh EC ABES EC TCS
Roshan Singh EC ABES EC GPS
Sagrika Vats CS Ideal Collebera Technologies
Pulak CS Ideal Mobilite
Anshul Garg CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Trishna Sheron CS ABES EC Grofers
Shriya Goel CS ABES EC IBM
Rishabh Prakash CS ABES EC EBIZON
Anurag Verma CS ABES EC QA Infotech
Saumya Goyal CS ABES EC TCS
Sana Firdaus CS ABES EC IBM
Akriti Vats IT ABES EC TCS
Akansha Agarwal CS ABES EC TCS
Sumit Kumar Pal CS ABES EC TCS
Shubham Choudhary CS ABES EC FISERV
Agam Saxena CS ABES EC TCS
Mohini Singh CS ABES EC NEC Technologies
Neha Anand CS ABES EC Collabra & Convergys
Suraj Singh EC ABES EC IBM
Nishant Sharma CS ABSE EC TCS
Vaishali Chaudhary CS ABES EC TCS
Akashdeep CS ABES EC AppzCloud
Nishant Asthana CS ABES EC Academia Guru
Pankaj Singh CS ABES EC Academia Guru
Umang Srivastava CS ABES EC TCS
Shushant Pandey CS ABES EC IBM
Suresh Pal CS ABES EC Franconnect India, Target Integration
Reema Bhushan CS RDEC NIIT
Deepa Dubey CS RDEC NIIT
Medha Pandey IT RDEC NIIT
Abhishek Kesarwani CS ABES EC Aspire Systems
Somya Gupta CS RDEC Magic Software
Suhani Jain IT RDEC Qspider
Somya Gupta CS RDEC Magic Software

Fee Structure

₹ 8,000 + 18% GST = ₹ 9,440

Access Validity

12 months

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Target Audience

  • B.Tech/B.E in any discipline
  • M.Tech/M.E/MS in any discipline
  • Candidates who wish to switch from service based companies to product based
  • BCA and MCA

Student Testimonials

Success Gateway... Vinod Sir & Sachin Sir truly justifies the name! They truly enlighten our path towards Success! Learning experience is Awesome! I can say that I owe my First Placement in TCS to both of them! Thanks a lot.. Please keep filling Colours in the Journey towards Success of your Students!

Rajat jain, ABESEC

Success Gateway is an Organisation dedicated to hard work, innovation in education with two strong outstanding Teachers Vinod Sir n Sachin Sir who always stand by their students leading them to the right Path of education and Career

Deepa Dubey, RDEC

I am glad that I got a chance to taught by two most intelligent teacher Vinod Sir and Sachin Sir. We got help in every manner from Success Gateway. They also help Students emotionally. Success Gateway content and study material and very good. We got chances to clear our doubts whenever required.

Abhishek Gupta, KNGD